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All the beauty of life is worth sharing

Welcome to the heart space

All the beauty of life is worth sharin.

What I do


The secular ceremonies are designed to celebrate the significant events in our life with full respect for anyone’s religious belief. Humanity has always socially shared the most important events in life as birth, growth, death, or changes in personal, professional and social status. The protagonists and their guests will be a meaningful part of the laic ceremony with their own looks and characters, and they will enrich it, sharing their stories and experiences. It will be a warm and emotional ritual, which will get all the people involved and make them witnesses of unforgettable moments.


I will be your confidant and will support you in proclaiming your love to the world. I will help you to show your sensitivity and traditions in the best way, to express the desire of building your own new family. It will be a ceremony without dogma, totally secular, during which You will be completely free to express your feelings. You will surprise your guests with this unique and special day.

  • Secular Marriages and Civil Unions
  • Renewal of Promises and Anniversaries
  • Unions between people of different religions
  • Symbolic Ceremonies
  • Gay Weddings
  • Love Escapes
  • Sologamy
  • Separations and Divorces


Many people who decided to choose a civil funeral celebration recognized that sharing memories, songs, readings and photos with the people who knew the deceased helped them to process their mourning. Why not doing it again after the religious ritual? Why not even going into a forest to scatter the ashes?


  • Secular Funerals
  • Scatter of ashes
  • Memorial Services
  • Pet Funerals


Birth rite has always been the first important step in human life. The newborn baby will be presented to the world by the new parents and be given a name. They will take care of this person, during all her growth, for the rest of their life. Do we want to celebrate this wonderful event with the promises of unconditional love and support, despite any circumstances?


  • Secular baptisms or Welcoming ceremonies
  • Adoptions


Sometimes in your life you face new personal transitions, make radical changes either in your personal life or professional carrier. When you strongly feel the need to share these emotions, challenges and successes with the people you love and think highly of, any reason will be good to celebrate !!!

Lucia Ientile

Who I am

When I deal with something, I do it with great passion. I approach every assignment with a lot of enthusiasm, commitment and curiosity. I use all my knowledge and experience and I am always looking for new design and ideas.
I will do my best to support you, following your lead and your imagination, respecting your point of view and your sensitivity in order to create a remarkable event.

I intrigued you and want to organize your ceremony?